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Astrologer specializing in Numerology and Tarot

    Lea Lewis began her career as an astrologer at the age of 16.  She has been living and working in Tel Aviv for the past 20 years offering consultations in Hebrew and English.
Lea gathers her information using psychic abilities, astrology, numerology and Tarot cards.  She also employs her skills in Kabala, palm reading and awareness of past lives and more.
In this consultation Lea can sense issues in the present, establish their origins in the past and look into the future.  This is a deep analysis for all spheres of life offering answers to all question and directive advice.   

Lea also employs her 33 years + of experiences in event appearances: parties, lectures, bachelor parties, hen nights and small group gatherings.  She also offers courses and workshops
This is an excellent effective tool for decision making, self awareness and success in life.  In addition she can also advise you of successful dates for weddings, trials, business transactions, medical procedures, impregnation; as well as advise on names for success and health. 
Her consultation covers:  inner calling, subconscious, earnings, studies, family, children, love, relationships, death, sex, inheritance, travel, career, artistic abilities, religion, social and community.

Lea believes she can help and direct any person at whatever point they may be.
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